In order to do well, you have to be well.

Discover in no time the best holistic & science backed tools to increase Well-being within yourself and your organization.

Our Well-being Master Classes:

Stimulate and inspire with a touch of humor

Offer psychological insights and practical tools

Are interactive experiences that stick with you

Is there any in your workplace:

In short; there always seems to be a shortage of time, attention and energy. Sin…

Imagine that;

How could it be otherwise?

Let The Well-being Workplace help your organization or team reflect on what really matters. We help with tools, techniques and insights to use your time, attention and energy more effectively.

As founders, we also often felt we fell short. We experienced stress and did not always have 100 percent energy. But through our curiosity about vitality and psychological flexibility, we discovered how things could be different. As a result, we now know exactly what practical tools as well as psychological techniques are needed to steer you, your colleagues and organization in the right direction for more job happiness and better results.

Over the years, numerous master classes developed that can help you and your organization do just that.

Something for your organization?

The different topics you can approach us for


With our master classes, we want to be closely aligned with the challenges currently facing your organization. This is why we always adapt the format of the Masterclass so that it perfectly matches the needs at hand.


The Well-being Work Week

In 1 week more focus, peace and job satisfaction for you and your colleagues.

After the Masterclass, we offer all participants the opportunity to be supported every day for a week after the event with.

That way you can work on your wellbeing permanently and keep the subject open for discussion together.

Double bonus:
Every participant will receive Mariska Fissette’s latest book “The Work-Life Revolution.

Mariska & Job

What others are saying about our Master Classes

Eelco themans

The workshop and Well-Being Work Week made us even more aware of what it means to be engaged in a topic such as well-being. It was a good week, which also gave us insight into what steps we still have to take when it comes to being an organization where there is proper attention to everyone’s well-being.

Eelco Themans

Managing Director, Freia

From whom will you receive the master classes?

Mariska in brief:

I love helping people who mentor people grow as a leader coach or therapist. Because I know these people are going to have an impact on so many other people. My motto; Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts

jop in brief:

Guiding people to become who they are so that they start doing what really matters to them, without being held back by inner obstacles. That’s what gives me energy. I see life as a beautiful adventure. My motto; Life is a daring adventure, or nothing.

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Our regular Master Classes last between 2 hours and 6 hours.

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