Revolutionize the workplace with The Well-being Leadership Course™.

We provide you and your colleagues with the psychological tools to reduce stress, prevent burnout and increase work happiness

The training for greater mental health, vitality and well-being in your team

3x half-day online or physical sessions

Your team learns to apply practical, evidence-based psychological techniques in the workplace

Your team experiences more connection, engagement and fun in no time

An experience that positively changes the way we work

A Chief Well-being Leader™ is a manager who health the vitality   well-being   of himself and his employees while achieving results.

What other people say


“Being lived and rushing from meeting to meeting. I didn’t really take the time to become aware of what was going on. Thanks to The Well-Being Workplace, I did”.

Floor Harms

HR Director, Freia


“Knowing is one thing, but doing is two. The experience at the Well-being Workplace made me put myself more at 1. Have scheduled my schedule less full and now take time to feel before I say yes to an assignment. Valuable!”

Ellen Wijnand

Manager of open training, H&L


Are you done with the stress complaints on your team?

Recognizable …

Your organization expects:

But at the same time you experience:

Super frustrating and disastrous for the mental health of yourself, your colleagues and the entire organization.

Program: The Well-being Leadership Course™ -Incompany

Your employees don't have to be psychologists to make an impact on the mental health of the team

Imagine your employees being aware of the key psychological processes that make them take better care of themselves and others. And thereby increase the mental health of themselves and their colleagues.

Chief Well-being Leaders™ experience how they:

Something for your team?

Here's what it provides

Results for the individual

Results for the team

Results for the organization


This training is not for every team

This training is only for teams that:

Frequently Asked Questions

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