The Work-Life Revolution is the reading experience of the year

The Work-Life Revolution" was a game-changer for me: direct, practical and profound. The chapter on "taking alone time" was an eye-opener and inspired me to really take time for myself. Feels great.

Mandy Franz
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The Work-Life Revolution felt like it was about me. It made me think and change. The book is full of personal stories and tips. A must-read if you want to get more out of your work and your life.

Kirsten Dijkstra

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The Work-Life Revolution is for you as...

  • You feel that external obligations and expectations are driving you, and you want to learn to live from your own values and desires.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands of your daily life and long for focus, rest and “alone time.

  • You are looking for deeper connections and more self-love in both your professional and personal life.

  • You feel that you are stuck in your current routine and are looking for tools for psychological freedom and empowerment.

  • You believe your life and work can change with the right insights and tips, and you are ready to be inspired

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A glimpse of the work-life revolution

In “The Work-Life Revolution,” I reveal the insights and techniques that have helped me find true peace and happiness during stressful and busy times. Want to discover how to live a more meaningful life on your terms? Then join me on this journey of discovery.

We explore themes of peace, self-love and focus in this book. However, walking your own path can be quite uncomfortable. In this chapter, you will discover Why it is so challenging to find happiness and chart your own course.

In this chapter, you’ll find out how to follow your inner compass, even when you face hefty challenges. You will discover your inner leader and so many more amazing tools to do this.

Where your attention goes, there goes your energy. Rediscover the art of focus so you work more efficiently and have more time for rest and self-care.

Rest is not a weakness, but a powerful source of recovery and growth. It is essential to distance yourself from the constant pressure of being busy and achieving success, and that is often easier said than done. Therefore, an entire chapter on this wonderful topic.

In this chapter, I invite you to (re)discover the power of alone time and what it can offer for your focus, creativity and work happiness. Being alone is not lonely. It is where you meet yourself, in all your glory and vulnerability

In this chapter, we dive into the world of emotions and the importance of making space for them. When you embrace emotions, you live more richly and authentically. If you ignore them, you will get stressed more quickly and not always make the best choices. Emotions are not enemies; they are maps to our deepest desires. Embrace them, dance with them, learn from them. How to do that? You get very practical tools for that.

In this section, we will address the topic of self-love, where it is not about striving for perfection, but about acceptance and balance. Learn to deal with the feeling of being “not good enough” and discover how this self-acceptance can change your professional and personal life for the better.

Deep connections arise when we show ourselves, with all our vulnerabilities and strengths. In this chapter, you will learn how to establish and strengthen real relationships while staying true to who you really are.

In “The Last Stop,” we look back at the core themes and I share my thoughts that can help shift as a society toward a more meaningful life with a good work-life balance for everyone

Read about my personal journey while writing this book and the wonderful turn my life took with the arrival of my sweet daughter, Bo Marie Jolie. Her arrival immediately gave me the opportunity to find and reshape for myself the work-life balance I wrote so much about.

A moment to pause and express my gratitude to all the wonderful people who helped me bring this book to life.

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