Revolutionize the workplace with Well-being Leadership™

We help you be the leader who makes people grow. Prevent dropout, reduce work stress and turnover. For greater job satisfaction, vitality and better results.

Unique leadership program

October (full) | 3x half-day sessions | €799 (excl. VAT)

The world’s first leadership program that puts wellbeing at #1

The best science-backed tools, holistic insights and skills

An experience that changes the way you work forever.

A Well-being Leader™ is a leader who health the vitality   well-being   of himself and his employees while achieving results.

What other people say


“Knowing is one thing, but doing is two. The experience at the Well-being Workplace made me put myself more at 1. Have scheduled my schedule less full and now take time to feel before I say yes to an assignment. Valuable!”

Ellen Wijnand

Manager of open training, H&L


“Being lived and rushing from meeting to meeting. I didn’t really take the time to become aware of what was going on. Thanks to The Well-Being Workplace, I did”.

Floor Harms

HR Director, Freia


Are you the executive of the future?

Recognizable …

Your organization expects you to help with the:

But at the same time you experience:

Super frustrating and disastrous for the growth of yourself, colleagues and the organization.

You don't have to be a psychologist to impact the mental health of your employees

Imagine becoming the person you have long been inside. A leader who takes good care of himself and his people. A leader who makes an impact. No CEO but CWL. Chief Well-being Leader™.

You, as Chief Well-being Leader™, experience how to:

Something for you?

Program: The Well-being Leadership Course™

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€799,- excl. btw

Here's what it gets you

Results for yourself

Results for your employees

Results for your organization

More conscious Well-being choices, has positive impact on the choices we make for our planet.


This course is not for everyone

This course is only for people who:

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