The 4-hour work day – How working less pays more

Why I advocate the 4-hour workday.

1. Our brain works best when thinking is limited to 4 hours

Most scientists agree. A knowledge worker can only work focused for about 4 hours a day. If we do this longer, our brain becomes overloaded and as time goes on we become less and less productive. Eventually, mental overload can cause burnout. Not surprisingly, so many people suffer from overwork.

2. It is necessary for the climate and therefore humanity

We are more productive than ever. In fact, we are so productive that the earth cannot even keep up with the rate at which we produce. Climate change, deforestation and flooding as a result. Yet “we humans” want to have more and more. And we do this by working more and more and more. Like trying to win a life competition. As if there is a shortage. This is because of a mindset we have as a society. A mindset that leads us to believe that being busy is good.

There is no shortage.

We live in a world of abundance. No one would have to go hungry. It’s just unevenly distributed. But few people really care about that, mostly because we are too busy being busy.

3. A shorter workday gives knowledge workers more energy (and yes, time) for what really matters. And that also helps the economy

Besides the fact that work can matter in life, there are other areas that matter. Family, friends, health, community, fun. Suppose the 4-hour workday now does give you time to visit your grandmother. This will make your grandmother happier, and so will you. And at the same time, it reduces the burden of care. In short, it is also good for the economy. This sounds paradoxical, but not so long ago we went from the 6-day work week to the 5-day. Henry Ford figured this would be better. Many people disagreed with him at the time. But the results were stunning. Productivity increased at Ford. And not only that. Sales increased sharply. In fact, people now had much more time to make a car trip because they now had 2 days of weekends. Ford figured, “people need free time to use our product.” I believe that when the 4-hour workday becomes the norm, fixed expenses and also earnings will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Plenty of other reasons

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