We're on a mission to maximize wellbeing

Are you an executive, HR professional or manager of a medium to large organization?

We are here to give you the tools to increase the mental health, vitality and engagement of your colleagues themselves with scientifically proven psychological interventions. Allowing you to prevent burnout, reduce stress and increase work happiness. So that in no time you will be working with happy, healthy and engaged employees.

For more job happiness and better results.

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Who are we?

We are Jop Haverkamp (1985) and Mariska Fissette (1986) founders of The Wellbeing Workplace. We have been trained for years by the best trainers in the world. And have had a clear goal with our ventures since 2012: Increasing well-being of individuals, teams and organizations to help you and others make impact.

To that end, we like to work closely and long-term together so that we really get to know each other. We always provide a hot coffee, a nice walk in nature or a cozy drink.

Mariska Fissette
Psychologist (MSc.) coach, behavioral trainer, speaker, proud mother, BSc.in the Psychology of Work & Health in Organizations, and author of "The Work-Life Revolution

Mariska learned early on to follow her own path and put Wellbeing first. As a teenager, she experienced her mother passing out with severe burnout because she cared so much for others and in the process ignored herself.

Mariska learned that it is important to also give love, energy and attention to yourself – something we are often not used to. She has since coached and trained over a thousand psychologists, managers and entrepreneurs with a common thread: Doing what is meaningful to you for a valuable life.

She enjoys swimming and yoga, has a love for the city of Sydney, loves to travel, is proud mother of daughter Bo and is always busy in three different books.

Jop Haverkamp
Leadership trainer, ACT educator & coach, Pain Reproccesing Therapist

Jop was confronted at an early age with the importance of mental, physical and emotional health. Since then, he has not let go of this subject and has specialized in it through numerous trainings.

In addition to ACT trainer/coach and leadership trainer, as a therapist he guides people with chronic pain to a pain-free life. He has since helped hundreds of people live more vital, rich and meaningful lives despite setbacks and other discomfort.

He likes to start the day with a cold shower or ice bath, enjoys improvisational theater and has a passion for athletic challenges.

Jop likes to go into the mountains for hut trips, preferring to add an element of personal development.

Our toolkit

Because we are constantly researching in the areas of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, we have accumulated a nice wealth of knowledge and experience. From here we developed The Well-being Workplace Toolkit from which we design our programs.

Some of our knowledge and experience:

Our vision

We see well-being as an ideal state of being, in which body, mind and spirit are aligned. In which one feels consciously connected to oneself and the environment. We believe that from this state of being, the potential already present can begin to manifest, allowing you to do what you truly stand for. We see it as our job to provide guidance to people to increase well-being that leads to better choices. Well-being leads to well-doing.


Curiosity. Creativity. Remarkable.

Being amazed is the most valuable emotion we have. We are committed to creating an exceptional experience that makes employees marvel. We are creative and motivated and always strive to connect new ideas with the reality of work. Simply put. We exist to create wonder-filled experiences that match what is needed on the beginnings of well-being.


Balance. Connection. Emotion.

We may return to the diversity of movement that has helped us evolve into the magnificent beings we are today. Movement is not just going forward, but also backward or sideways. It teaches us the value of silence and reflection. Wellbeing takes time, effort and practice, which is why it is important to keep moving. So that we become quiet inside.


Fun. Joy. Kindness.

We believe it is important to have fun while working. We create a playground in which you can learn. And we always look for and find moments in our programs to have fun. We are kind, fair and remain humble no matter who wins. We are cheerful and not afraid to make fools of ourselves. And we love to laugh – it makes our work so much more fun.


Living fully. Flourishing.

We are grateful to be part of a movement that dares to challenge the status quo. We seize this opportunity to take the best possible care of ourselves and support others to do the same. We try new things, we challenge the conventional and we are not afraid to fail. All with the goal of creating better wellbeing experiences that have lasting value for you, your team, your organization and the planet.

We keep our heads in the cloud and our feet on the ground

Do you also want less restlessness, pressure and fatigue for yourself and your colleagues? And do you want more job happiness and results?