#4 Sebastiaan van Loenen – Experiential learning and really connecting

Welcome to the Wellbeing Workplace podcast. The podcast in which we explore how to take better care of yourself and your colleagues at work. For greater mental health, well-being and vitality.

In this episode, I have Sebastiaan van Loenen as my guest. Sebastiaan is originally a theater producer and theater teacher. Today, he uses this knowledge and skills to create training programs that emphasize experiential learning. According to him, this is the way to make people aware of their behavior, thoughts and feelings.

I engage in a conversation about what is in his mental health, vitality and well-being and how you can manage this, for both yourself and your team members.
And I discuss the link between experiential learning and how it can help increase well-being. So that you prevent burnout, reduce work stress and increase job satisfaction. 

Now did you find this podcast interesting and want to know more about how you can learn to manage more to prevent burn out and reduce work stress so that job satisfaction is increased for you and your team members? Then download our ebook more job happiness in no time. Or check out our Well-being Leadership Course.

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