#3 Chantal Vrouwenvelder – Emotions, training and leadership

Welcome to the Wellbeing Workplace podcast.

The podcast in which we explore how to take better care of yourself and your colleagues at work. For greater mental health, well-being and vitality.

In this episode, I have Chantal Vrouwenvelder as my guest. Chantal is a leadership trainer, psychologist, coach and team coach as well as a special person in my circle of friends.

What makes Chantal unique is that she is equipped with one of the best feelers you can have. A quality that in my view is essential to be able to guide people well and better direct mental health, vitality and well-being at work.

I engage in a conversation about what in her mind is mental health, vitality and well-being and how you can manage this, for both yourself and your team members. So that you prevent burnout, reduce work stress and increase job satisfaction.

Now did you find this podcast interesting and want to know more about how you can learn to manage more to prevent burn out and reduce work stress so that job satisfaction is increased for you and your team members? Then download our ebook more job happiness in no time. Or check out our Well-being Leadership Course.

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