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Burnout rates are skyrocketing. And more and more talented professionals are resigning out of dissatisfaction. The importance of a mentally healthy, vital and engaged workforce has never been more important . But how do you make sure of that? First, by realizing that you don’t have to be a psychologist to increase the mental health of your employees. And that managing for wellbeing is proven to be more effective than managing for just results.

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The Well-being Leadership Course™

“Being lived and rushing from meeting to meeting. I didn’t really take the time to become aware of what was going on. Thanks to the Well-Being Workplace I was able to do so.

Floor Harms

HR Director, Freia

“Knowing is one thing, but doing is two. The experience at the Well-being Workplace made me put myself more at 1. Have scheduled my schedule less full and now take time to feel before I say yes to an assignment. Valuable!”

Ellen Wijnand

Manager of open training, H&L

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We're on a mission to maximize wellbeing

We are here for you to increase Well-being within yourself, your colleagues and organization.

Do not expect thick paper reports with surveys and conclusions on employee satisfaction and well-being from us. We are direct, short and snappy! We deliver experiences.

We help you be the leader who grows yourself and others in the organization. So that you work with happy, healthy and engaged employees. And turnover, attrition due to stress, and low employee satisfaction are a thing of the past.

Mariska & Job

Work=love made visible

How we make a difference

You will not receive leadership training. You get a Well-being experience.

We use the latest scientific insights on steering for well-being, mental health and vitality♥

We are young, fresh and know what the employees of the future need.

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